Bobi Serafimovski was born in 1969. He comes from South-Eastern Europe from Macedonia, a country in the Balkans. His talent for music appeared when he was very little, which was noticed from his parents and they enrolled him in music schools.

It is interesting to say that Bobi has always liked the piano, even before he got enrolled in the music school he had the opportunity to play the piano at one his father friend’s house.

BOBI SERAFIMOVSKI… dream to play the piano

Words cannot describe the joy Bobi felt when he first played the piano. In the music school, the music council at the school decided for Bobi as an 8 year old to play the clarinet.

Even though a little bit disappointed, he did however dream to play the piano, Bobi gradually discovered all the virtues and beauty of the sound of the clarinet.

He begin playing that instrument, he continued to play the piano and started playing the guitar. “I couldn’t sleep for nights after I got my first guitar ” says Serafimovski. He formed his first band when he was 14 years old, and from there he went on to many bands with his guitar.

He continued to play the clarinet in his primary than continued in secondary music school. He than began to compose his own songs and at the age of 19 he issues his first single that was quite a success.

The following year his debut album appeared for MRTV, after two years another album came out and in 2001 Bobi as a matured musician proves himself by issuing the instrumental album “Too the roots” that was published for the Macedonian Broadcasting and left a mark in the Macedonian music.

Within these last few years Bobi as an author has been requested by several renowned music names across Europe. A special challenge for Bobi Serafimovski is Instrumental music, i.e. film music soundtracks.


His great talent, knowledge and experience supported by the vast knowledge of playing several instruments, has characterized Bobi as a highly skilled film music composer.

Bobi has been experimenting with traditional music, discovers jazz and his film music themes are about to shine as basis for future projects throughout the world.

Undoable his great talent and his creativity in creating of film music was discovered by the music world people and the renowned Publishing and Management company from the USA MACK AVENUE RECORDS which with its new brand of family of musicians and artists MUSIC ON MACK AVENUE involve Bobi Serafimovski as a artist of this company in the Film music section.

The signed contract with Mack Avenue Records, Bobi expects to realize successful cooperation that his music themes find the true path towards future film projects.

Bobi often states “I am a great optimist”, „You can never tell”… Maybe we’ll see each other on the next Oscar nomination… With God’s help”. “Until then I will travel through the world of music, composing, emotions filled with love and honesty”.


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