In 2003, Benjamin Shwartz (composer, violist and pianist) founded KLEZMERSON in order to explore and create a new type of Klezmer music from a Jewish-Mexican standpoint.


The band

The band, does so by gracefully combining melodies and rhythms from Eastern Europe’s Jewish musical tradition (called Klezmer) and playfully infusing it with Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Latin American influences.

The resulting sound is a fusion of Rock, Funk and Jazz improvisations over a Klezmer theme.

Back in 2005, KLEZMERSON released their self titled album “Klezmerson”, it was met with widespread critical acclaim and unprecedented succes among a very eclectic audience.

Rock, Jazz and World Music fans alike began to follow the evolution of the band.


Latin American

In 2008, the long anticipated release of their second album, entitled “Klezmerol”, is a testament to the band’s growth creatively, as they delve deeper into exploring the connections between Klezmer music and more traditional Latin American sounds.

The band’s third album, “Siete” (2011), was released on New York musical authority John Zorn’s prestigious label – Tzadik – and brought KLEZMERSON international exposure and worldwide acclaim.

Their most reccent album “Klezmerson Live CD+DVD”, captures Klezerson’s mastery of their craft as well as the energy of their live performances.

They are currently working on their fifth album, which has yet to be formally announced.


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