Michael Sanders is a progressive jazz bassist who was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on June 29, 1957.

Michael was active as a professional musician in Philadelphia in the jazz, gospel and rock settings through the last quarter of the twentieth century.



Michael began his musical education on Latin percussion.

At age fourteen Michael began teaching himself bass guitar.

Being born left-handed and without anyone informing him on how to position the bass, Michael began playing with the bass oriented to the right and the strings in high to low order.

Although his technical approach to playing bass started out and remains unconventional, Michael attributes his growth and accomplishments as a musician and bass player to his mentor and first bass teacher, Randolph Malachi.

Parable of the Lost Butterfly

Parable of the Lost Butterfly

In 2013, Michael released his first solo album, Parable of the Lost Butterfly, which features Michael Barnes on soprano saxophone, Eric Kurtzrock on drums, David Phelps on electric guitar and Yoichi Uzeki on keyboards.

Parable of the Lost Butterfly was inspired by the metamorphosis of a caterpillar transforming into an adult butterfly.

This amazing album showcases a fusion of contemporary jazz with soulful and funky rock elements.

Each song, with its contemporary jazz and funk rock elements, is a perfect representation of my thoughts maturing into beautiful melodies.

This album, much like a great novel, showcases a strong and well composed beginning, middle and end. I hope this instrumental arrangement of songs enthralls folks that listen to it.

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